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Warhammer Fantasy Battle & Warhammer 40K40K & WHFB Tournament Organiser: Hagen Kerr
When: 20th & 21st August 2011
Where: St Patricks School, Kilbernie, Wellington

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration Cut-off – see Call to Arms Registration Form (available soon)
Standard Registration Cut-off – see Call to Arms Registration Form (available soon)
Army Lists Due – 31st July 2011

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Castaway Arts FiguresFor those interested in TSATF (The Sword And The Flame) and/or Colonial Gaming – Gerry from Castaway Arts will be attending BattleCry 2011 (19-20 February) and will both have a trade stand with a selection of his products available, plus he will be running some TSATF demo & participation games on both days, so if Colonial Gaming is your thing be sure to check it out. Gerry will also be participating in a Q&A session & talk on Saturday Evening (along with Kyran of Battlefront Miniatures and Bryan & Glenn of Battleline Miniatures) about running wargaming businesses.

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Equinox 2011 Warhammer Fantasy & 40K TournamentEquinox will run at the Freeman’s Bay Community Centre in central Auckland on the 19-20 March 2001, and is hosted by the City Guard. Primarily a Fantasy/Sci-Fi event it also includes Ancients (FoG) and World War II (FoW). The venue includes shops & a cafe.

Early Bird Registration before 30th January is $35 and go into a draw for a $50 Games Workshop voucher. Otherwise Registration from 31 January to 03 March is $45. Entry & Registration to the tournament closes on 03 March 2011.

Competitions being offered:

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British 25th Foot at Minden in the Seven Year's War

British 25th Foot at Minden in the SYW

UPDATED: Reg Newell reports that at the Hutt Valley Wargaming Club they have a number of people interested in the SYW. They are trying to gauge whether there might be interest in a 1-2 day convention next year with a SYW theme – probably mainly 28mm Die Kreigskunst, possibly Black Powder, but also skirmish level games, naval, F&IW (French & Indian War), SYW boardgames, etc. There is no specific date in mind at this time other than beyond midway through next year.

Der Kreigskunst is a set of battalion level rules based on the General De Brigade system. Battalions are 4-6 bases of 4 castings on a 40x40mm base. Cavalry are in units of 20 or so castings. Many people have SYW armies in mothballs and this might be a good opportunity to dust them off and give them a run

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Christchurch Wargaming Club LogoThe Christchurch Wargames Club is starting to publish details on-line for the Nationals in Easter 2011. Player packs look to be available for several fantasy systems as well as 15mm DBA and 15mm DBR. For more information See Here.

Events being offered are: Warhammer Fantasy Battle ; Warhammer 40k; War of the Ring; Lord of the Rings; Flames of War; FOG; DBA; DBR; DBM (apparently not DBMM); Bloodbowl; & Warmachine. No scales specified, except 15mm for DBA & DBR, so unclear exactly what scales are being played for the Historical (Ancients) rule sets (but sounds like 15mm only)…

MEDBAG - Middle Earth DBA GamersWhy ME? Since the international success of The Lord of the Rings movies, New Zealand has been identified (rightly or wrongly) in the eyes of many as the home of Middle Earth. MEDBAG is a site dedicated to keeping people around the world informed of DBA and HotT activities in New Zealand.

DBA in NZ & Abroad

DBA is quite popular overseas, where its small scale and quick play time allow enjoyable one-day competitions, where six games can be comfortably played. These can be themed to a period or have some sort of campaign mechanism. The liveliness of the DBA community is attested by their Fanaticus Website. In New Zealand the game is quite strong in the South Island, with a number of DBA competitions in recent years in Timaru and Christchurch. It’s also a rule set that is being offered at the IWC next February and has 17 players already registered.

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William of Orange & Staff 1815.Below is a first attempt at an unofficial points system for the Napoleonic game – Lasalle.

Lasalle contains a number of set army lists for the main armies. They provide a great introduction. But they only reflect a fraction of possible lists. Playing the same few army lists repeatedly against each other could get dull fairly quickly.

This points system below tries to address this.

Using this points system and the excellent (and now free) Nafziger army lists, players can construct any number of armies that are consistent in size with the army lists in the Lasalle book.

I would love to say that the points system above was based on careful consideration of the relative merits of units, simulations of performance and a large number of test games. Alas no. Instead it was a rather crude attempt to back-fit the army lists in the book. What points system could generate something so that the Core Lists were all about the same points, and the Support Lists were about the same points?

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Wellington WarlordsCall to Arms will once again be held at St. Patricks College at 581 Evans Bay Parade, Kilbirnie, in Wellington. Gamers are expected to arrive no later than 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday as the rounds for each competition or event are scheduled to start at 9.00am prompt. Players registering before 15 July 2010 will save as registration will be $40, otherwise registration will be $55. Junior players (under the age of 18) will be able to enter an event or participate for just $10.

The main events happening are:

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Crusader ArabsThe Tauranga Table Top Games Club are proud to host NICon (North Island Convention) 2010 in association with Battlezone Ltd. NICon 2010 will be held at the Cosmopolitan Club, Mt Maunganui, located at 56 Miro Street, in Mt. Maunganui on Saturday 5th and Sunday the 6th of June (Queen’s Birthday Weekend). Entries close 28 May 2010. The venue will be used for all games and for Sunday evening’s After Tournament Dinner. Planned tournaments & competitions are: 25mm DBMM Ancients; 15mm FOG (Field of Glory) Ancients; 15mm & 25mm DBR Renaissance; 15mm Napoleonics (ruleset not specified); FOW (Flames of War) World War II; Warhammer 40K; and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. For more details see the NICon 2010 Website…

ScrollNatCon (National Convention) 2010 will be held over Easter Weekend 2nd – 4th of April 2010. Normal registrations close 01 March; then at Registrar’s discretion until 19 March. The venue is the St Patricks School Hall in Upper Hutt. The school has recently completed a significant expansion of the hall and there’s a lot of new space. The Convention Dinner & Prize Giving will be held at the Totara Lodge. Planned tournaments & competitions are: DBMM Ancients; FOG (Field of Glory) Ancients; DBR Renaissance; FOW (Flames of War) World War II; Spearhead World War II; WRG Moderns; Warhammer 40K; Warhammer Fantasy Battle; and Warmachine.

For more details see the Hutt Miniature Wargaming Club’s NatCon Page…

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