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NatCon 2013

The New Zealand Wargaming National Convention (NatCon) is being hosted this year by the Hutt (Valley) Wargaming Club at St Patrick’s College in Silverstream, Upper Hutt. Veterans of previous Hutt Club conventions will be familiar with this hall. As usual the even runs over Easter, which this year is relatively early (29-31 March), and registrations are $50 up until the 25 January, after which they are $75 (all registrations and entries after this date are subject to the consent & discretion of the convention organiser and/or tournament umpire).

There will be a traditional convention dinner on the Sunday night (in Trentham, Upper Hutt), with a cost of $25. Currently there are 9 Tournaments available, and these are:

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Christchurch Wargaming Club LogoThe Christchurch Wargames Club is starting to publish details on-line for the Nationals in Easter 2011. Player packs look to be available for several fantasy systems as well as 15mm DBA and 15mm DBR. For more information See Here.

Events being offered are: Warhammer Fantasy Battle ; Warhammer 40k; War of the Ring; Lord of the Rings; Flames of War; FOG; DBA; DBR; DBM (apparently not DBMM); Bloodbowl; & Warmachine. No scales specified, except 15mm for DBA & DBR, so unclear exactly what scales are being played for the Historical (Ancients) rule sets (but sounds like 15mm only)…

ScrollNatCon (National Convention) 2010 will be held over Easter Weekend 2nd – 4th of April 2010. Normal registrations close 01 March; then at Registrar’s discretion until 19 March. The venue is the St Patricks School Hall in Upper Hutt. The school has recently completed a significant expansion of the hall and there’s a lot of new space. The Convention Dinner & Prize Giving will be held at the Totara Lodge. Planned tournaments & competitions are: DBMM Ancients; FOG (Field of Glory) Ancients; DBR Renaissance; FOW (Flames of War) World War II; Spearhead World War II; WRG Moderns; Warhammer 40K; Warhammer Fantasy Battle; and Warmachine.

For more details see the Hutt Miniature Wargaming Club’s NatCon Page…

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