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Antiquarian ScrollHi All – We have given the site a facelift and a bit of a revamp – unfortunately it will mean most existing links to pages will be broken (but we are working on setting up redirects for them)! And a few images and such may not be displaying (we’ll get them fixed over the next few days. Meanwhile we hope you find the site looking a bit more fresh and modern – and hopefully we will start getting a bit more regular new content back on here!

awclogonewAfter some discussion, the committee have decided to give evening meetings another go. Thursday has been chosen by default (the only other evening the hall was free was Friday – erm NO!). Fridays were tried – and failed. The meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from February until the end of June. The first meeting will be Thursday 17 February and the meetings will be from 1900 – 2300 (7pm – 11pm).

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You Haven't Paid Your Subs!

You Haven’t Paid Your Subs!

As Treasurer I wish to extend my personal thanks to all of the club members who have paid their 2011 subs already. To date we have received no fewer than 12 full membership subs. This is an outstanding effort – and an extremely positive response to the challenges laid down at the Annual General Meeting in December.

To those of you who have stepped up already – hats off to you. To those who will be paying in the near future – my advanced thanks. This is exactly the way we needed to begin the year. We still need a few more people to send in their fees to ensure that we break even for the year – but I can see that this will happen earlier than ever before.

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Lasalle Napoleonic RulesThe AWC’s Lasalle Napoleonic Tournament in 15mm scale is due to start soon. It has yet to be confirmed if players will get 1 or 2 Support options – but looks most likely just one for this initial competition (as many players are still busy painting their figures and learning the rules). The Tournament will be played over the course of several weeks with games occurring either at AWC meetings or at mutually agreed alternate venues.

It’s hoped to have the entrants confirmed by Sunday 23 January 2011 if possible so the competition can begin in February – so any members interested should check out the AWC Yahoo Group for more details and advise the organiser of their Army & Theatre (i.e. sub-period) for the competition. Napoleonic Gamers in the Auckland and Waikato (& similar) regions who are not AWC Members and are interested in participating may be able to do so – they should also contact the organiser through the AWC Group.

A subsequent 28mm scale Tournament is planned for the middle of the year…

Minutes ScrollWill be held at the club rooms at 11am on Sunday 05 December 2010 (the first meeting in December). The Agenda will be:

  1. Apologies
  2. Confirmation of 2009 Minutes
  3. Matters Arising
  4. President’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Setting of 2011 Fees
  7. Election of 2011 Officers
  8. Ben Hill resolutions
  9. General Business
  10. Doom and Gloom

Be there or be square! Have your say on the clubs future course…

Mahdist Ansars move through an Oasis

Mahdist Ansars move through an Oasis

Mid-1884, The Mahdist Rebellion is reaching it’s peak – Gordon is isolated in Khartoum, and the rebellion steadily spreads north towards the Egyptian frontier. As the main relief expedition to go to Gordon’s aid is finally being formed, news comes that a large number of European, Greek, and Egyptian Civilians, along with a small British Hospital Corps detachment, have been cut off in the town of Dongola; and the local Egyptian Commander has only a small number of Bashi-Bazouk Irregulars and whatever Civilians that can fight to try and defend the town (who’s defences are in a poor state)…

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Early Germans

Early Germans

I gave up DBMM at the start of the year. Had a few too many games where, as a result of army matchups, terrain, weather or time of day, one side had an edge before the first pips were thrown. Just did not suit my (emphasise my) preferences – so I played the other game this year instead. However, Benny pushed for DBM240 games, and having 2 games on a club day, or 3 games per day in a competition seemed to offer a way around my problem – one game might be a bit dull, but the next one good.

This is exactly what I found. At the comp, my middle game was not that enjoyable (I attacked an encamped enemy in pitch black with 3 hours till sun-up and my magic night-vision allowed me to avoid his KnS and attack the softer bits of his army to win), but the other two were good well-balanced games (admittedly both Free Company vs. Free Company which naturally balances play).

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Quadi - Early Germans

Quadi (Early Germans)

The tournament in Auckland used the latest draft of the DBMM v1.1 rules. There was a nominal theme (blatantly plagiarised from an event in the UK earlier this year) which asked players to base their armies around a film or TV series. This resulted in some interesting army choices, although a number of the more ‘hard core’ players paid only lip service to the theme and chose highly geared armies that ensured the rules were given a reasonably thorough workout.

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KeysThe AWC held its AGM on Sunday 6 December 2009. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer all presented their reports generally outlining a reasonably successful year although the experimental Friday Night meetings earlier in 2009 had not proven cost-effective despite early indications of support. The club generally experienced a downturn in numbers attending & activity over most of the (southern hemisphere) winter, and total outgoings for hall rental slightly exceeded revenue from membership fees. However, ‘the drinks trolley’ and other fund raising initiatives, such as bulk magnetic sheet sales, more than made up for the shortfall.

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With all lists now in and checked it is time for the first round draw to be revealed. The usual ‘nearest historical date’ pairing, but slightly modified to avoid the North Shore boys being paired against each other. Some good reference material, some perhaps not so good and then there’s Cam’s……………………

1. Al Donald (AWC) – Early Hoplite Greeks 479BC (Reference: Movie “300” – what else?!)
2. Andrew Fergus (AWC) – Thracians 200BC (Reference: French TV doco about “Seuthès l’Immortel, les Secrets d’un Roi Thrace” – The Immortal Seuthès; secrets of a Thracian King)

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