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awclogonewAfter some discussion, the committee have decided to give evening meetings another go. Thursday has been chosen by default (the only other evening the hall was free was Friday – erm NO!). Fridays were tried – and failed. The meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from February until the end of June. The first meeting will be Thursday 17 February and the meetings will be from 1900 – 2300 (7pm – 11pm).

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Classic Wargamer's Journal - Volume 1 Issue 2Well the latest Classic Wargamer’s Journal is out – and in it is an article from Dan Grove of the HATSOFF (Heart of America Tactical and Strategic Order of the Followers of Featherstone) Wargaming Club. Dan points out that in addition to rules for playing wargames a club also needs rules for the club itself. The HATSOFF Club have their 10 ‘commandments’ which have been in play for 35 years and Dan assures readers their club has run to the spirit of their intent the entire time. In the unlikely event something crops up outside the particular rules of a specific game they also have a ‘Quadribium’, which consists of the 4 senior club members, or the 4 members hosting the game(s), who are called on to make a unanimous adjudication – the Quadribium has been convened once in 35 years!

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You Haven't Paid Your Subs!

You Haven’t Paid Your Subs!

As Treasurer I wish to extend my personal thanks to all of the club members who have paid their 2011 subs already. To date we have received no fewer than 12 full membership subs. This is an outstanding effort – and an extremely positive response to the challenges laid down at the Annual General Meeting in December.

To those of you who have stepped up already – hats off to you. To those who will be paying in the near future – my advanced thanks. This is exactly the way we needed to begin the year. We still need a few more people to send in their fees to ensure that we break even for the year – but I can see that this will happen earlier than ever before.

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KeysThe AWC held its AGM on Sunday 6 December 2009. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer all presented their reports generally outlining a reasonably successful year although the experimental Friday Night meetings earlier in 2009 had not proven cost-effective despite early indications of support. The club generally experienced a downturn in numbers attending & activity over most of the (southern hemisphere) winter, and total outgoings for hall rental slightly exceeded revenue from membership fees. However, ‘the drinks trolley’ and other fund raising initiatives, such as bulk magnetic sheet sales, more than made up for the shortfall.

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