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We had our first meeting of in October recently and typically, as the weather improves, wargamers reappear to play games, and work on their “gamers tan”.


Ancients has been making a resurgence at the club with DBMM back in vogue, and Roundie has been furiously painting figures for Impetus. A ex-member Skeletor (Glenn) made a guest appearance to try out the latest version of DBMM.

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Just like ABBA we decided to have a practice of Waterloo, before unleashing it onto the world. Five of us met at the AWC to have a dry run and iron out anything before the big day. Also since so much effort had gone into this game it would be good to use the figures more than once!

There was a mad rush leading up to the trial game with most of the figures painted and Roundie had finished his buildings the night before, and Kieran was basing and flocking roads the day before. One upside of having everything ready 2 weeks prior to the actual battle, is that we wont be burning the midnight oil the night before.


Getting set up

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Once again its time for the Auckland Wargames club’s famous Bring and Buy day



Come and see Napoleon take on Wellington in a refight of Waterloo using thousands of 6mm figures


 Bring along your unwanted lead, terrain, books, rules and other wargaming related paraphernalia and turn it into cash. Items on sale will include figures, terrain, wargames books and rules. Continue reading


Late 2014 , some of our club members decided to initiate a project to refight the battle of Waterloo around the time of the 200th Anniversary (the closest club meeting is the 21st June 2015). While the conversation devolved into a debate of different scales and rules that plagues the wargames scene now days, a group  decided to refight the battle using 6mm figures and the Grand Armee rules. The main reasons for this choice was that the fast play version of the  rules are already played by a couple of club members and one of those has  the whole French army for Waterloo already finished. So we decided  who would provide which figures.

Roundies French

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Introducing the Auckland Wargames club’s famous Bring and Buy day

bring out your dead new


Bring along your unwanted lead, terrain, books, rules and other wargaming related paraphernalia and turn it into cash. Items on sale will include figures, terrain, wargames books and rules.

Gold coin donation for non members wishing to sell

Tables will be available for people wishing to sell, buy or exchange.

The club is located at its club rooms at Pollard Park Scout Hall in Balmoral

Zombie picture courtesy of

One of Roundie's Graphics

One of Roundie’s Graphics

One of our club members Wayne (Roundie) has been beavering away on a new website learning  all about web design and coming up with some amazing content. He has  been busy drawing some awesome graphics for the site such as this one.

He is one of the most prolific painters and terrain makers at the club, and the standard of his stuff is always high and he has some interesting tastes.

The website covers his main interests of Napoleonics, ACW, Colonials and Ancients as well as some DIY articles. Expect more content in the future as the SDS campign continues to run at the club meetings. Continue reading

By AWC Committee Member Mike Hodgson

So what’s up? Well down here at the AWC you certainly can’t accuse us of being boring and hide-bound when it comes to trying out new periods and scales, here are a few of the current projects of the members:

Ancient to Medieval

  • 15mm Spartans for DBMM
  • 28mm Early Imperial Romans for Field of Glory (FoG)
  • 28mm Vikings for Dux Bellorum/FoG
  • 15mm Vikings for FoG
  • 15mm Lancastrian army for FoG
  • 28mm El Cid army for FoG
  • 28mm Yorkists for FoG
  • 28mm Franks/Goths
  • Lot of club 15mm and 28mm armies for DBMM, FOGA and Dux Bellorum

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In September we had healthy turnout at the club in terms of numbers and games played. This report is from one of the meetings where an interesting mix of games were played and indicative of the periods that we play.

28mm Sudan game

A spectacular looking game put on by Roundie to introduce Rob to the wonderful world of Colonial gaming using The Sword and The Flame (TSATF)  rules. The game used Roundies 28mm Perry Sudan figures and his homemade terrain boards. The Colonial side has a nice mix of Eyptians, British Redcoats and the Naval brigade, vs a hoard of Dervishes and Fuzzy Wuzzies.


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At the last Auckland Wargaming Club meeting we had a mini Wild West tournament using GW Historicals now defunct Legends of the Old West rules. We used 28mm figures and most of the buildings and terrain you can see in the pictures were scratch built apart from the laser etched buildings.

We played some of the scenarios from the rule book including High Noon, Bank Robbery and Vendetta and everyone played 2 -3 games, each using the different tables that we had set-up. We had 8 players with most of the posses covered including Cowboys, Lawmen, Mexicans, Outlaws, Indians and Chinese.

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