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Ancient to Medieval

Everything relating to the Dawn of History (i.e. the Sumerians & similar from about 3200BC) through all the classic eras of the ‘Biblical’ period, the Greeks, Romans, Dark Ages, Rise of Islam & the Crusades, to the late Medieval Period (100 Years War through the War of the Roses) finishing around 1470 to 1490AD at the dawn of The Renaissance.

Some pictures from the first club meeting of the year. A good mix of scales and periods where played with both Dux Bellorum and FOGN becoming regular games at the club and likely to continue.

28mm French Indian War Game

Unfortunately I was too slow with the camera as they had mostly packed up by the time I took some photos. Awesome looking terrain by Roundie and some new terrain boards that he has been working on.


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FOG RulebookThe AWC’s roving gamer in the UK, Ben Hill, conducted the following ‘e-interview’ with the Field of Glory writing team at the beginning of December (2010), the answers to the questions are from the whole team of writers who are involved with FoG.

1. Has FoG evolved the way or ways you thought it would when writing it?

Yes very much so. We seem to have a broad following of clubs, social gamers, historical re-enactment players, campaign players and competition players. We wanted to create a set of rules that would appeal to different audiences and that seems to have happened. It has been great to see the quality of the entire FoG series that Slitherine has put together and that together with the Osprey art makes the books a great read.

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Spanish versus Carthaginians at the 2nd Punic War DayToday MEDBAG had its biggest event to date; that said, it involved as many participants as the event at NSWC, and there were even as many games; however, this time they were themed, which added a good deal of interest to the event. There were six of us, and Andy provided the armies (with a few Gallic warbands from John, as Andy’s were double-based)…

Read More at AWC member Mark Davies Hesperiana Blog…

Derby World Teams Championship

Derby World Teams Championship

Postcard from the Derby World Teams FOG Championship – 2 & 3 October 2010 at Derby University – from AWC member Ben Hill.

This was the convention and competition I was looking forward to since arriving in the UK. I was just hoping that my game play would not be distracted by the retail opportunities in the other hall! More on the trade stands in the next postcard.

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Ancient Germanic Warriors

Ancient Germanic Warriors

Auckland’s City Guard Tournament happens third week of March. It will include a small Ancients tournament – FOG (Field of Glory) at 650 points on 6’x4′ tables with 2 or 3 generals. There will be a reduced amount of terrain due to the small tables and smaller deployment areas. The standard sized measuring sticks used in Auckland for 28mm FOG will be in use. Tournament is planned to be 4 games, with possibly 5 if games are concluded speedily.

There are only 8 slots available for this tournament (due to a table resourcing issue) so it’s vital to sign up ASAP if you are keen. Currently there are 5 confirmed entrants so just 3 remaining openings. Registration is $40 and closes Friday 05 March.

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Early Germans

Early Germans

I gave up DBMM at the start of the year. Had a few too many games where, as a result of army matchups, terrain, weather or time of day, one side had an edge before the first pips were thrown. Just did not suit my (emphasise my) preferences – so I played the other game this year instead. However, Benny pushed for DBM240 games, and having 2 games on a club day, or 3 games per day in a competition seemed to offer a way around my problem – one game might be a bit dull, but the next one good.

This is exactly what I found. At the comp, my middle game was not that enjoyable (I attacked an encamped enemy in pitch black with 3 hours till sun-up and my magic night-vision allowed me to avoid his KnS and attack the softer bits of his army to win), but the other two were good well-balanced games (admittedly both Free Company vs. Free Company which naturally balances play).

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Quadi - Early Germans

Quadi (Early Germans)

The tournament in Auckland used the latest draft of the DBMM v1.1 rules. There was a nominal theme (blatantly plagiarised from an event in the UK earlier this year) which asked players to base their armies around a film or TV series. This resulted in some interesting army choices, although a number of the more ‘hard core’ players paid only lip service to the theme and chose highly geared armies that ensured the rules were given a reasonably thorough workout.

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A Spartan Rhino

A Spartan Rhino?!

A successful DBMM240 “Armies of the Movies” tournament was played at the AWC on the 6 December 2009. A full report will follow elsewhere, meanwhile here are some photos of the event and some of the armies involved…

Note: No Spartan Rhino’s were harmed in the making of this Photo Gallery!

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With all lists now in and checked it is time for the first round draw to be revealed. The usual ‘nearest historical date’ pairing, but slightly modified to avoid the North Shore boys being paired against each other. Some good reference material, some perhaps not so good and then there’s Cam’s……………………

1. Al Donald (AWC) – Early Hoplite Greeks 479BC (Reference: Movie “300” – what else?!)
2. Andrew Fergus (AWC) – Thracians 200BC (Reference: French TV doco about “Seuthès l’Immortel, les Secrets d’un Roi Thrace” – The Immortal Seuthès; secrets of a Thracian King)

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Oh Yeah!Our friends down at the North Shore Wargaming Club (NSWC) look like they have been sneaking in some DBMM240 practice for the tournament this weekend…

Three games were played at the NSWC’s first November meeting and another 4 games at the following meeting (this weekend just passed) – sounds like some serious preparation down at the NSWC! Check out the NSWC Site for the results…

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