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Colonial & ACW to WW1

The era of Queen Victoria and Colonial Expansion – this period also saw numerous ‘European’ Wars such as the Crimea, Franco-Austrian, Austro-Prussian, Franco-Prussian, the American Civil War, Spanish-American War, Second Boer War, in addition to the extensive Colonial Wars (such as the Indian Mutiny, Anglo-Zulu War, Mahdists in the Sudan, North-West Frontier, Boxer Rebellion, etc). The period finishes with the Balkan Wars & World War I when the true power of modern artillery and machine guns appeared and battlefield tactics took a few years to catch up, and the subsequent Russian Civil War and similar conflicts post the ‘Great War’…

At the last Auckland Wargaming Club meeting we had a mini Wild West tournament using GW Historicals now defunct Legends of the Old West rules. We used 28mm figures and most of the buildings and terrain you can see in the pictures were scratch built apart from the laser etched buildings.

We played some of the scenarios from the rule book including High Noon, Bank Robbery and Vendetta and everyone played 2 -3 games, each using the different tables that we had set-up. We had 8 players with most of the posses covered including Cowboys, Lawmen, Mexicans, Outlaws, Indians and Chinese.

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This month we had a completely different selection of games on down the club! Its good to see a wide variety of games on offer although sometimes it seems like there is too many different rules, scales, & periods played by our members.

28mm DBR with Gustavian Swedes vs Later Royalists

A nice looking 28mm DBR game once again with some well painted figures. John wrote about this game “and my DBR 28mm game was the closest to “mainstream”! Oh and we were honoured by a visit from the ‘country member’ Uncle Dickie, whose Gustavian Swedes managed to beat the Later Royalists despite all the 5’s and 6’s malfunctioning on his dice”.
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Some pictures from the first club meeting of the year. A good mix of scales and periods where played with both Dux Bellorum and FOGN becoming regular games at the club and likely to continue.

28mm French Indian War Game

Unfortunately I was too slow with the camera as they had mostly packed up by the time I took some photos. Awesome looking terrain by Roundie and some new terrain boards that he has been working on.


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ANZACs & Johnny Turk in close combat!

ANZACs & Johnny Turk in close combat!

At the latest AWC Club Meeting a new period made an appearance, 28mm World War 1, specifically one of the “Side Shows”. Somewhere near Chunuk Bair the ANZACs and their British compatriots came face to face with Johnny Turk. The game was played using a variation of The Sword And The Flame (TSATF) Colonial Rules, and featured rules modifications and ideas from the Side Shows of the Great War Yahoo!Group. For more detail’s of the game and a gallery of photos see the article at John Moher’s Wargaming.info site.

Mahdist Ansars move through an Oasis

Mahdist Ansars move through an Oasis

Mid-1884, The Mahdist Rebellion is reaching it’s peak – Gordon is isolated in Khartoum, and the rebellion steadily spreads north towards the Egyptian frontier. As the main relief expedition to go to Gordon’s aid is finally being formed, news comes that a large number of European, Greek, and Egyptian Civilians, along with a small British Hospital Corps detachment, have been cut off in the town of Dongola; and the local Egyptian Commander has only a small number of Bashi-Bazouk Irregulars and whatever Civilians that can fight to try and defend the town (who’s defences are in a poor state)…

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First up we have the town of El Segundo, from the collection of, and entirely scratch built by, Kieran Mahony – one of the AWC’s more prolific model & terrain makers! It was inspired by the hip-hop song “I left my wallet in El Segundo…“:

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