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At the last club meeting we had an impromptu KOW themed day. It started with someone looking for a game of KOW and then that became 4 people, and by the time the day came around we 10 players! So we played 2 rounds of 1500pt games and swapped opponents and tables between games.


There was a good mix of armies with

  • Dwarves
  • Abysmal dwarves x2
  • Ratkin x2
  • Empire of Dust
  • Woodland Elves
  • Orcs
  • Kingdom of men (Greek themed)
  • Forces of Basiliea

We are looking to have more KOW themed days at the club as everyone really enjoyed the buzz, and there is at least 3 more members who play KOW and couldn’t make or were playing other games.

And onto the game pictures


Ratkin army finished a few days earlier and deployed for their first battle (which they lost)!



Orc riders and a Giant!



There was a strong waft of cheese coming from this table. The Abysmal Dwarves faced off in a civil war with barely a dwarf in sight. Perhaps they had all been killed in an earlier battle?



Forces of Basilea vs Ratkin



Elves vs their old foes, the Dwarves.



Empire of Dust vs Kingdom of Men



Crunch time for the game. Some lovely figures and painting with Mantic Empire of Dust figures and and Greek themed humans. Note the massive Reaper Bones Bone giant.



The Blight vs Basilea. Not sure of the result from this game.



Abysmal dwarves fighting. One side had mostly Slave Orcs while the other consisted mostly of of Obsidian Golems and Gargoyles.



Dwarves and Elves fighting it out. The Elves were a snow themed Wood Elf army.



  • David Billinghurst

    Nice looking battles. Would there be interest in playing KOW in 15mm?

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