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On the 2nd of October we ran a DBA 3.0 tournament down at the club.We originally had 14 players interested but there was a couple of cancellations/no shows, so we were down to 11 players (10 after lunch). Overall a very good turnout.


Imperial Alexandrian v. Marian Roman

After some discussions prior to the event we decided to keep it simple and there wasn’t any kind of theme to the day apart from enjoying oneself. Everyone was using 15mm armies but interest in 6mm was also voiced, so perhaps next time you will see some more scales.

Carolingians vs Romans

Carolingians vs Romans

The plan for the day was 2 rounds of DBA followed by lunch and then another 2 rounds. A draw for the first round was created, but after that it was pretty informal with the players choosing their next opponent and armies. This created some historical matchups and players got to have games against people they had never played before.

Lots of Knights

Lots of Knights

However some of the games were over much quicker and by lunch time, a few of the guys had already completed 4 games in 2 hours!


A historical matchup – Vikings vs Scots

By the end of the day everyone had played between 4-8 games each and the enthusiasm levels were very high. There was lots of ideas for the next event (there will be more events) including matched historical pairs, campaigns and splitting the tournament up into sub periods.


Viking vs Imperial Alexandrian. A quick game with the Viking being overrun in 3 turns

Final note

Overall it was a very successful day and all the players were keen to play more days like this one. I think we will opt for a theme next time we are open to ideas. Keep a lookout on our website for news on future events.



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