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Day:Due to the lovely Auckland weather, there was only two tables going at this meeting, one was part of the perennial historical struggle between the realms of the Dwarves and Elves using 28mm Kings of War. It seemed to be a ding-dong battle when I left the meeting but I heard later that the Dwarves triumphed, mainly through the Elves insisting on bringing edged weapons to a gunfight…




There was also a 25mm DBMM as per the battle report below from John W:


Nick B and I played DBMM- an inter-generational civil war with Patrician Romans possibly commanded by Aetius (there were certainly plenty of his Hun chums in the form of an ally command) facing my Marian Romans, proprietor G. Julius Caesar.

 After consulting the entrails of surprised goat, the Pediatricians deployed according to Special Ploy Number 12 from the  Big Book of Roman Cleverness for Generals.

 After consulting the entrails of a political rival, Caesar formed up with Legio X on the right and everyone else in a position to see how hard are the Xth .  M Antonius commanded support  Legio IV and artillery in the centre, where the battle plan called for him to support either flank and generally not bugger anything up or disturb his coiffure.  Under Macro the German cavalry were deployed on the left flank facing the Huns. There’s an irony for you.

 With the Roman bits of the Patrician army watching approvingly from the rear, the Huns were sent galloping forward to sweep away the heavily outnumbered Germans. The lager swilling sausage-eating riders were not in the mood to be swept away that day, and after a vicious swirling fight with hard-flanking, ganging up and harsh words the Huns were broken and sent on their way.

 Meanwhile on the Marian right the Xth eschewed the safety of the Marian line and marched straight at the Patrician legionary line, chanting the Latin for “there’s going to be a… Nasty Accident. You’re going home in a ….. Ambulance!” Stung into action the Later Legionary Line moved forward to meet scarred veterans (“come on if your hard enough, Grandad”). As the two lines crashed together there was much stabbage, eye gauging and exchanges of Subura street cant. Slowly the Xth ground through the opposing legionaries, with Caesar in the front dishing out the hurt to encourage the lads. But casualties among the Xth started to mount, even as Caesar hacked his way further into the opposing line.

 Fortunately the destruction of the Huns caused the Patrician right to waver, and with his remaining commands fully engaged Aetius could see the writing on the murus and so sued for terms.

 The Marian casualties were light (c. 8ME) and Caesar retired to his tent to whip out a memoir. Possibly Macro will get a footnote for for winning the battle almost singlehandedly….“

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