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A good meeting this time with a interesting mix of figures and period. I even managed to get the player to provide some feedback back on their games so we have a good roundup of the meeting.


ACW Fire and Fury (Regimental)

Roundie and Ben played a Regimental Fire n Fury Game, scenario called Belmonts Landing, all green troops. General Grant early in his career and the war led a couple of brigades, 3000 men to attack a CSA camp. Historically he was successful with less men than the CSA and this set up his reputation for daring and decisive action.

In this game Roundie led the Grants force forward against my newly painted CSA troops. The flanks began to crumble for the rebs but then stabilised. Reb musketry then went up a gear and withering fire swept a regiment leading to Grant shot in the head / out of the saddle. This was followed by a charge led by the brave Colonel Pickett, which swept two union regiments from the field. This smashed the union centre and with more CSA regiments due to reinforce the battle the union forces were forced to concede with heavy casualties and no objectives taken.




DBR – Mamluk Egyptians vs Tripolitan Maghrebi

We saw another episode in the on-going grudge match between John’s Mamluk Egyptians and Philip’s Tripolitan Maghrebi. We used DBR 2.0 with the same modifications as deployed at PoP 2015- Kiwi AP, distributed baggage ME, Defender then Invader deploy, Defender takes first turn, dead zone for overhead shooting. However for maximum wonderfulness we deployed a massive 550AP each, this being as many as we could squeeze out with all the toys on the table.
070216meeting6Despite the huge size of the armies we were done and dusted in just over three hours, which I attribute to:

  • eastern cavalry armies move fast
  • no terrain outside the flank sectors
  • the distributed baggage ME
  • Philip and I ripping into each other like pitbulls on Columbian Marching Powder.

The advantage went this way and that, but in the end a crushing 10-0 defeat for the Pirates of Tripoli. So crushing in fact that all three commands had been individually broken by the end of the game.

Now if only we had fought that way in 1517 at Radinyah….



Kings of War Elves vs Dwarfs

Grant and Nick’s Elf/Dwarf rematch won again by the vertically challenged Dwarfs. I think the Elves lost because the bases were not finished, which is always bad for morale. Also they appeared to have a strong defensive position in the village. Nuff said!




Sabre Squadron Microarmour Moderns

An great game of this was played with some Cold war Soviets vs some Cold war British . There wa a slight miscommunication (maybe it was jammed) and neither player turned up with tarmac roads or hills. In the game the British were a bit out gunned  by the T-80s, but it was a fast fun game.


Soviet Player comments “In a nutshell they’re really good, make you think each turn, infantry are first class citizens, we played a very basic even encounter game and it was still fun”


Brit player “Sabre Squadron was awesome and I will be painting lots of moderns for it. It ticked all the boxes- it was enjoyable, our brains didn’t explode trying interpret barkerese, it was quick and had a good balance of detail vs ease of play. The only downside is the lack of lists and vehicles stats at this point.070216meeting12

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