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There were three tables going for the meeting on the 20th of December, despite the usual pre-Christmas madness.

 15mm WW2 Crossfire

Mike and Grant had another go at 15mm WW2 with the Crossfire rules – Early Eastern Front with the Soviets taking on a mixed Hungarian/German force.


This time around they tried out the rules for a meeting engagement, 2 companies plus 30pts each side, and with a slight change in that each side’s objective was secret, being set by another member. In general the game was fun, the highlight being an extended duel between a T26 and a Hungarian Toldi (the T26 triumphed!).



However general agreement was that the rules work better with a scenario format – it’s easy for the meeting engagement to bog down into a WW1 style slugfest. Also two companies were probably more than necessary as a lot of troops did nothing all game.

 15mm Seven Years War


Kieran and John had a 15mm Seven Years War game using the KoenigKrieg rules. This was actually a scenario with the Anglo-Hanoverians on one side trying to withdraw safely in the face on an attacking Austrian army. The British were in the town while the Hanoverians were advancing to support the stranded British.




The was a scenario developed by John and it was very enjoyable, and a great alternative to a typical line up and fight. Whilst the players ran out of time, it was looking a bit grim for the Anglo-Hanoverian forces with the Austrian cavalry causing havoc among the Hanoverian reinforcements by the river crossing.

28mm DBMM Ancients

There was also a 28mm DBMM Ancient game with Benny’s Carthaginians taking on Nick’s Late Romans. Not sure what the result was.




DBMM is slowly making a reappearance at the AWC, after a drought of Ancients games in the last few years.

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