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We have have had a resurgence in DBA at our club since V3.0 has come out, and so we are going to to have a DBA open day on Sunday the 2nd of October. This is open to anyone in the Super City area of Auckland or beyond. Entry is free!



The proposed scale is 15mm and the rules are DBA3.0 but if anyone wants to play in 6mm or 28mm your welcome to. For those scales I would suggest bringing matching pairs. There will be spare armies to loan to others mostly in 15mm. Also bring your own mats and terrain (although we have some).

The plan is play 4 friendly games and I will work out a timetable soon, but apart from that it is really just an excuse to play some DBA! But once I have numbers I’m happy to organise some draws with hopefully historical opponents. If this goes well then we will look at themed tournaments in the future and players can feel free to offer suggestions on the day

Also if you know anyone that would be interested please forward it onto them. So far we have 10 players registered as at 5/9/16.

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