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Last meeting we organised a Saga Dark Ages tournament here at the AWC. Even with a couple of late cancellations we had 10 Saga players, along with 4 other games at the club that day. Everyone turned up with Dark Ages armies and we had a good mix of armies all up:-

  • Anglo-Saxons with Alfred
  • Scots with Macbeth
  • Normans x 2
  • Skraelings x 2
  • Welsh
  • Vikings x 3

Unfortunately getting setup and the first round under way, meant that I was too busy to take any photos. By the second round I remembered to snap some photos but since I was playing, I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to follow each game. So on to some game photos and comments.

Round 2 Battle at the Ford/ Defend the Homeland

Wayne’s Viking (with Beserkers) vs Rob’s Skraelings, early in the game.


Rob’s Viking Hearthguard with Danish axes. Rob (along with Eric) also used Varangian guard and everyone commented on how tough they were.


Jon’s Normans vs Rob’s Vikings


Ian’s Scots lead by some fella called MacBeth, attacking the homeland of Eric’s Vikings. The Varangian Guard lodged inside the their houses proved too tough to dislodge.

Greg’s Welsh Cavalry and Warlord fighting Kieran’s Norman knights. The Welsh cavalry destroyed this unit but suffered heavy losses. Next they attacked the Crossbow but were repelled. In the Norman turn the Welsh warlord was isolated and attacked by a fresh Norman cavalry unit, which pretty much ended the game.


Andrews Skraelings hoard against Johns Anglo-Saxons


Round 3 Sacred Ground

Kieran’s Normans vs Ian’s Scots. The Norman knights have taken the Sacred ground but are about to be repulsed by the Scot mercenary Norman Knights (who were better with 3 dice per figure)!


And a bit of a pyrrhic victory for the Normans. Three Scots are left in the field vs 1 Norman Hearthguard, 3 Crossbow Warriors and a levy unit. Both sides are almost wiped out but the Welsh scored a lot more points and won the game.


Rob’s Skraelings vs John’s Anglo-Saxons. This looked like a tough match with both sides fighting bitterly over the sacred swamp.


And later in the game where the Skraelings have taken control of the main objective.


Jon’s Normans vs Eric’s Vikings


How may Normans can you cram onto a rock outcrop? Quite a lot it seems, but Eric managed to win the game!


Andrew’s Skraelings vs Greg’s Welsh. This was a close game going down to the wire


Wayne’s Viking vs Rob’s Viking in a civil war matchup. Wayne’s Vikings proved victorious




Results and Conclusion

And the winner on the day was Eric with his Vikings, who was the only player to get 3 wins. Well done to Eric and thanks to everyone for a great days gaming. Based on the success of this event we are planning another one in March/April 2016 and I expect it to be even more popular.

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