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Although there was some nice weather here in Auckland the AWC had their AGM and three games played on Sunday.
Mike, John and Malcolm had a very enjoyable 10mm Great War Spearhead game on Malcolm’s excellent new scratchbuilt terrain featuring rubber moulded trenches and 3D printed pillboxes and ruined buildings. Malc’s French defenders held out for a win against apparently overwhelming numbers of Germans, although it was somewhat of a “last man standing” result with very heavy casualties on both sides.

Roundie and Jerome had a go at 28mm DBA3 and seemed to enjoy puzzling their way through 3 games of Romans vs Saxons, I think the Romans won all three.
Nick and Mark were playing Frostgrave, with Nick lamenting the fact that his superbly skilled wizard and helper were nailed by a couple of good shots from Mark’s muskets (at least I think they were muskets). A lesson about not bringing a spellbook to a gunfight!
Next meeting is the last of the year so make the most of it.
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