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Late 2014 , some of our club members decided to initiate a project to refight the battle of Waterloo around the time of the 200th Anniversary (the closest club meeting is the 21st June 2015). While the conversation devolved into a debate of different scales and rules that plagues the wargames scene now days, a group  decided to refight the battle using 6mm figures and the Grand Armee rules. The main reasons for this choice was that the fast play version of the  rules are already played by a couple of club members and one of those has  the whole French army for Waterloo already finished. So we decided  who would provide which figures.

Roundies French

Roundie – French, the remainder of the British and some Garrison units

Mike – Most of the British, KGL etc, and some Prussians

Kieran – Dutch Belgians, Nassau and as many Prussians as I can paint!

Simon – Brunswickers (black spray followed by some basing 🙂 )

Philby also expressed interest in playing

The Grand Armee rules are an older set of rules written by Sam Mustafa. While he has moved onto newer sets (Lasalle, Blucher etc), the GA rules work well for large battles. The original rules that were chosen were the Fast Play set of GA but there are some gaps in the rules and after reading the full version, the consensus was to play the Full GA rules. Each base (75mm square) represents approximately a brigade and we based around 50 infantry or 25 cavalry on each base and the refight will be played on a 10×6 ft table with over 60 bases per side.

Some dude called Napoleon

Progress – May 2015

With less than a month to good we are close to being ready (which is good).  Roundie has painted and based all his figures, Mikes figures were already painted and are based, Simons are finished, and Kierans Dutch Belgians are done, all the Prussian cavalry, generals and artillery are finished and  8 stands of infantry.


Nassau Brigade – sans flags

Terrain – Roundie’s purchased a number of lovely buildings from Total Battle Miniature (Hougomont, La Haye Saint etc) , Kieran is making roads, Placenoit, La Belle Alliance.

Finished Prussians and Dutch Belgians. A large basing effort coming up!

Finished Prussians and Dutch Belgians. A large basing effort coming up!

Whats next

The plan is to play a test game at the AWC on the 7th of June to make sure we have everything and get everyone familiar with the rules and then at the meeting on the 21st of June, play the actual 200th anniversary refight and hopefully a battle report.

Spectators are welcome



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