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By AWC Committee Member Mike Hodgson

So what’s up? Well down here at the AWC you certainly can’t accuse us of being boring and hide-bound when it comes to trying out new periods and scales, here are a few of the current projects of the members:

Ancient to Medieval

    • 15mm Spartans for DBMM
    • 28mm Early Imperial Romans for Field of Glory (FoG)
    • 28mm Vikings for Dux Bellorum/FoG
    • 15mm Vikings for FoG
    • 15mm Lancastrian army for FoG
    • 28mm El Cid army for FoG
    • 28mm Yorkists for FoG
    • 28mm Franks/Goths
    • Lot of club 15mm and 28mm armies for DBMM, FOGA and Dux Bellorum


  • 28mm English Civil War for FoG Renaissance (FoGR)
  • 15mm Swedes for FoGR
  • 28mm Anglo-Dutch for DBR

18th Century

  • 15mm Seven Years War for Koenig Krieg
  • 10mm Marlburian and Great Northern War (several people)


  • 15mm Spanish for a FOGN Anglo Portuguese army
  • 15mm FOGN Russian
  • 28mm Large Battles Songs of Drums and Shakos
  • 28mm Songs of Drums and Shako (Skirmish)

19th Century

  • Many instances of 15mm ACW, both sides, for Fire & Fury (both brigade and regimental)
  • 28mm ACW for Fire & Fury and Longstreet
  • 10mm 1859 Wars of Italian Unification
  • 28mm Colonials – East Africa, Sudan and Zulu Wars (for The Sword and The Flame)
  • 18mm Crimean War (both sides)


  • 10mm 1914 Western Front for Great War Spearhead 2 (a group project, we intend to move through the years/theatres as the centennial arrives)
  • 6mm WW1 Palestine theater


  • several people are collecting 20mm forces to try out Chain of Command
  • 20mm Kampfgruppe Normandy
  • 15mm US for Flames of War
  • 1/300th Air combat (most WW2 Theaters)


  • 1/300 1950s British armoured regiment
  • 1/300 helicopters and fixed wing
  • 15mm British 1950s – 2010 and OPFOR for use with WRG moderns, with terrain and civilian accessories
  • 20mm British Gulf War 2
  • 1/300 Soviets
  • 1/300 Air Combat
  • More 1/300 British and Soviet
  • 1/300 Israelis


  • Sundry Napoleonics
  • WW2 and Modern Coastal
  • WW1 and WW2 Naval


  • Modern 20mm Force on Force
  • Wild West
  • Pirates
  • 20mm Spanish Civil War
  • 28mm Samurai
  • 20mm WW2 Desert (Kiwis vs Afrika Korps)
  • Modern Skirmish Sangin
  • Saga armies – Saxons, Normans, Vikings, and lots of others

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

  •  6mm Forces for Future War Commander
  •  28mm Steampunk
  •  28mm Undead for Hordes of the Things (HOTT)
  • The odd bit of Warhammer 40K

So if any of these interest you please contact us through this site or via the yahoo group. Most people have multiple armies so if you would like to try on of these games, let us know.

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