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One of Roundie's Graphics

One of Roundie’s Graphics

One of our club members Wayne (Roundie) has been beavering away on a new website learning  all about web design and coming up with some amazing content. He has  been busy drawing some awesome graphics for the site such as this one.

He is one of the most prolific painters and terrain makers at the club, and the standard of his stuff is always high and he has some interesting tastes.

The website covers his main interests of Napoleonics, ACW, Colonials and Ancients as well as some DIY articles. Expect more content in the future as the SDS campign continues to run at the club meetings.

Siege of Badajoz Campaign

Roundie has also added some Battle reports from the Songs of Drums and Shakos Siege of Badajoz campaign being played at the club. It is well worth looking at the amazing battle reports (with hand drawn graphics) and beautiful games.

One of Roundie's Hand Drawn Maps

One of Roundie’s Hand Drawn Maps


The website is called Miniature Addiction and the link is http://miniatureaddiction.info/

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