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Some pictures from the first club meeting of the year. A good mix of scales and periods where played with both Dux Bellorum and FOGN becoming regular games at the club and likely to continue.

28mm French Indian War Game

Unfortunately I was too slow with the camera as they had mostly packed up by the time I took some photos. Awesome looking terrain by Roundie and some new terrain boards that he has been working on.



28mm Dux Bellorum Game

A Dark Ages fast play game between Kieran and Nic. A great game and reasonable sized armies. Another game was played by Kieran and Vytas afterwards. Dux Bellorum is a very quick set of rules to learn as both players were new to the rules.



20mm ACW Game

A playtest of Sam Mustafa’s new ACW rules (Longstreet) between Cam and Jerome. Lovely looking plastic figures painted by Cam I believe.



15mm FOG Napoleonics Game

Richard’s early Prussian army got steam-rolled by Mikes “Big Boots” French Old Guard Heavy cavalry.


Some nicely painted Prussian AB figures from Richards collection.


Zombicide Board Game

Don’t know much about this board game but it looked like fun.


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