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In September we had healthy turnout at the club in terms of numbers and games played. This report is from one of the meetings where an interesting mix of games were played and indicative of the periods that we play.

28mm Sudan game

A spectacular looking game put on by Roundie to introduce Rob to the wonderful world of Colonial gaming using The Sword and The Flame (TSATF)  rules. The game used Roundies 28mm Perry Sudan figures and his homemade terrain boards. The Colonial side has a nice mix of Eyptians, British Redcoats and the Naval brigade, vs a hoard of Dervishes and Fuzzy Wuzzies.



28mm English Civil War game

A FOGR multi-player with some lovely Warlord games figures. A few of the guys have been working on a 28mm ECW project and this was the second or third game and an awesome looking game.

092013meeting5 092013meeting6


6mm Cold War Moderns

Steve was visiting from Palmerston North and managed to squeeze in a game of WRG Moderns with Mike. They played a classic cold war encounter with US vs Soviets. Its always good to see some well put together Microarmour games with Steves high quality terrain.

092013meeting9 092013meeting10

092013meeting11 092013meeting12

Wild West campaign game – High Noon shootout

A Legends of the Old West (LOTOW) game between Kieran and Philby. All figures and terrain provided by Kieran and all the buildings were scratch built in 28mm scale. The scenario was a simple High Noon scenario as it was only the 3rd or 4th game for Philby who used the Mexicans, vs Kieran’s Chinese Tong gang. The main objective of the game was to see who could run the other gang out of town so they could open a takeaway joint in the main street…. and the result was a  new Mexican Cantina got town planning permission.

092013meeting13 092013meeting14

092013meeting18 092013meeting20

092013meeting16 092013meeting25

28mm DBR game

Another Renaissance period game with a great looking 28mm DBR game from John and Grant, with what looks like Holy Roman Empire vs French. It looks like Grant has finished the basing on a few elements more since the March club report….

092013meeting21 092013meeting22

092013meeting23 092013meeting24

Thanks all for looking.

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