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Here’s a round-up of the action at the first meeting in March at the Auckland Wargaming Club. Another good turnout with 5 games played and a diverse range of games and scales being played.

28mm DBR game

A large battle between the Holy Roman Empire and the French, in Spain in 1521AD with a narrow victory to the Empire. This game was played between John and Grant with some great looking looking figures. John’s baggage (painted by Andrew Hunter) was very nicely done but someone forgot to flock all their figure bases!





Dux Bellorum games between Nick, Vytas, Ben and Benny

There was a couple games of this played on Sunday with Nick and  Ben first up, followed by Vytas vs. Benny. Figures supplied by Nick from his vast collection of Ancients armies. Unfortunately I missed most of the first game and only managed to get a couple of photos because the games were so quick!



15mm FOG Napoleonics

Moving down in figure size, Al and Kieran played a tight game of FOGN which ended in a draw. British & Portuguese vs. 1799 French.



There was a second FOGN game played, between Philby (French/Swiss) and Derek (1813 Army of the North), but no decent photos of that game were taken unfortunately.

6mm WRG Modern Game

A scenario based game between Simon (US Marines) and Mike (Soviets) with the US Marines mostly on foot or in HMMVs. I’m not sure of the outcome of this but I noticed a fair bit of burning Soviet recce vehicles.



On another note, part of the hall was filled with Girl guide biscuits so  a number of packets were brought and consumed. Its good to see Wargamers’ supporting Girl Guides by purchasing their biscuits!

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