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awclogonewAfter some discussion, the committee have decided to give evening meetings another go. Thursday has been chosen by default (the only other evening the hall was free was Friday – erm NO!). Fridays were tried – and failed. The meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from February until the end of June. The first meeting will be Thursday 17 February and the meetings will be from 1900 – 2300 (7pm – 11pm).

I hope to see you all there at some stage during this trial. And Hopefully some of the not yet AWC Members Flames & Warmachine lads will be able to take advantage of our facilities – they are always welcome to do so. I am also hoping that we might use the Thursday meetings to organise some multi-player fun and japes. I also hope to see some of our old regulars back on board, who for whatever reason (all good of course) have been unable to attend Sunday meetings.

Would anyone care to suggest a theme for the 17th?? Would anyone like to run/organise an event?? (NO Benny – sit down!)

John McLennan
Treasurer 2011

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