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Hamilton ImmortalsThe Hamilton Immortals have released initial information about NatCon 2012 (Easter Friday 06 to Sunday 08 April). Competitions being offered are Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K, Lord of the Rings, Warmachine, Napoleonics (15mm 1st Volley), Napoleonics (28mm Lasalle), Napoleonics (15mm/28mm FoGN), FoW (seperate Early, Mid, & Late WW2 Tournaments), FoG Ancients/Medieval*, DBM & DBMM Ancients/Medieval (15mm & 28mm), DBR and/or FoGR Renaissance (15mm and/or 28mm depending on entrants).

The identity of the venue has not yet been stated at the time of writing, but is apparantly one that requires an early finish (2.30pm on the Sunday) and has restrictions on capacity, so some of the (Historical Period) Tournaments are shortened and will only be 5 rounds instead of the usual 6 (as there is not time for a second game on the Sunday) and only a maximum of 200 people will be able to attend for all periods & tournaments. Registrations open on 01 January 2012 ($60), increase on 01 March 2012 ($80), and increase again for “late” registrations on 14 March 2012 ($100) – Registrations close on Tuesday 20 March 2012, and after that date entries will only be accepted at the Organisers’ discretion to balance out competitions with odd numbers, etc, and such like (and may be charged at either $60 or $100 according to the info flyer) – so we suggest you get your registrations in as early as possible due to the above… Further details at the Hamilton Immortals Wiki…

* Note that FoG Ancients & Medieval has no scale specified (although we believe an umpire is now confirmed).

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