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Equinox 2011 Warhammer Fantasy & 40K TournamentEquinox will run at the Freeman’s Bay Community Centre in central Auckland on the 19-20 March 2001, and is hosted by the City Guard. Primarily a Fantasy/Sci-Fi event it also includes Ancients (FoG) and World War II (FoW). The venue includes shops & a cafe.

Early Bird Registration before 30th January is $35 and go into a draw for a $50 Games Workshop voucher. Otherwise Registration from 31 January to 03 March is $45. Entry & Registration to the tournament closes on 03 March 2011.

Competitions being offered:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle – 2400pts (Umpire: Phil Wu)
  • Warhammer 40K – 1850pts (Umpire: Nikola Jaksic)
  • Warmachine (Umpire: Haydn Cooper )
  • Flames of War – WW2 Midwar escalating* (Umpires: Steve Chambers & Gavin Van Rossum)
  • Field Of Glory – 28mm Ancients (Umpire: Nick Buckby)

Demo Games will also be available which will consist of some of the above periods and rulesets, and also LOTR (Lord Of The Rings).

For more information see the City Guard Forums’ EQUINOX Thread and for Flames of War the Base List & Player Pack at BattleFront.

* The Flames of War Escalating Tournament consists of 6 games: 2 at 1000 points, 2 at 1500 points, and then 2 at 1750 points. If you are a member of the BattleFront Forums you can read more here.

Equinox 2011 Warhammer Fantasy & 40K Tournament Poster

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