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Lasalle Rulebook CoverThe AWC will be running a Lasalle 28mm Napoleonics event at BattleCry 2012, with the theme “The Downfall of Boney 1813-1815“* over the Saturday and Sunday (18 & 19 February 2012). Armies will be points based using a modified version of the AWC’s points system originally developed by Cam Millar, and tables are planned to be 8′ x 6′ with fixed terrain. It is intended to have 2 rounds per day (so 4 rounds total) with the first day emphasising games between opponents who normally don’t have the opportunity to play each other. More details can be found at the BattleCry 2012 Website.

* Armies outside this period will also be permitted if players have no other option – but it’s hoped everyone will get into the ‘swing of things’ and bring armies from the Liberation & Hundred Days period. 

Stop Press: 01 February 2012: This event has been cancelled due to lack of Registrations.

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