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You Haven't Paid Your Subs!

You Haven’t Paid Your Subs!

As Treasurer I wish to extend my personal thanks to all of the club members who have paid their 2011 subs already. To date we have received no fewer than 12 full membership subs. This is an outstanding effort – and an extremely positive response to the challenges laid down at the Annual General Meeting in December.

To those of you who have stepped up already – hats off to you. To those who will be paying in the near future – my advanced thanks. This is exactly the way we needed to begin the year. We still need a few more people to send in their fees to ensure that we break even for the year – but I can see that this will happen earlier than ever before.

I cannot take the credit for this – all I did was whine! Those who have stepped up know who they are – and should be proud of their efforts in supporting this club yet again. Welcome back to some returning members and some new members too – the future of the club is surely guaranteed with such a positive response.

I look forward to seeing you all at the club this year.

John McLennan
Treasurer 2011

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