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Combat Tanks MagazineCombat Tanks Collection Magazine from the UK is now available here in NZ – you can subscribe on line or pick it up from Whitcoulls or similar book stores. Each issue includes a 1/72nd Scale Die-Cast Model similar to those produced by Dragon Armor; Forces of Valor; and similar. The magazine covers World War II and more Modern Vehicles. This is a great way to get some good quality models for Wargaming World War II & Modern conflicts in 1/72nd (20mm) scale. Issues cost NZ$19.95 each so you get the model for half or less what a Dragon Armor or FoV model would cost; albeit the models aren’t quite the same quality as the latter 2 manufacturers (e.g. no weathering effects). The publication has been running for about 24 months in the UK and over 12 months in Australia with 2 issues normally coming out each month. The following is an approximate list of what models have in been each issue in the UK…

01. Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf.E (Germany 1943)
02. Challenger I (UK 1984)
03. M4 Sherman (USA 1944)
04. Panzerjäger Jagdpanther (Germany 1944)
05. M1A1HA Abrams (USA 2003)
06. T-34/76 (USSR 1942)
07. PzKpfw. V Panther Ausf.A (Germany 1944)
08. Chieftain MK V (British Army of The Rhine, Brussels, Belgium 1979)
09. Merkava III (Israel 1990)
10. M48A3 Patton 2 (USA 1968)
11. PzKpfw. III Ausf.G (Germany 1941)
12. Leclerc Mk 2 (France 1997)
13. T-54 (1978)
14. Centurion Mk.III (1950)
15. C1 Ariete (Italy 2002)
16. PzKpfw. IV Ausf.G (Germany 1943)
17. AMX-30 (France 1982)
18. T-55A (USSR 1968)
19. Churchill Mk.VII
20. Paladin S.P. Howitzer
21. StuG. III Ausf.G (Germany 1944)
22. Leopard 1A2
23. M26 Pershing (USA 1945)
24. M2 Bradley (USA 1991)
25. Cromwell Mk. IV (UK 1944)
26. Flakpanzer Gepard
27. M13/40 (Italy 1942)
28. Type 61 (Japan 1993)
29. SdKfz. 234/2 Puma (Germany 1944)
30. T-80BV (USSR 1990)
31. Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger II Ausf.B (Germany 1944)
32. Cruiser Mk.VIA Crusader II (UK 1942)
33. AAVP7A1 Assault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel (USA 1991)
34. LVT(A)-1 Alligator (1944)
35. T-72M1 (USSR 1981)
36. M3 Grant Mk I (1943)
37. M60A3 (USA 1985)
38. Infantry Tank MK.II Matilda (UK 1941)
39. LAV-25 “Piranha” National Guard (2005)
40. IS-2 (USSR 1945)
41. Leopard 2A5 (Germany 2000)
42. Panzerjäger Tiger(P) Elefant
43. Flakvierling Sdkfz. 7/1 with Sd.Ah.51 trailer (24.Pz.Div)
44. SU-85 (USSR 1945)
45. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.G (19.Pz.Div.)
46. Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf.B Jagdtiger (sch.Pz.Jg.Abt.653)
47. KV-1B (USSR 1941)
48. SdKfz. 251/1 Ausf.D (12.SS-Pz.Div “Hitlerjugend”)
49. SdKfz. 250/5 (Afrika Korps)
50. Chieftain MK V, British Army of The Rhine, Berlin (Germany 1984)
51. Steyr RSO & Pak 40 anti-tank gun (2. Pz. Div.)
52. FAMO SdKfz. 9 & 88mm FlaK (Italy 1944)
53. Somua S35 (France 1940)
54. SdKfz.234/4 (Pz.Jg.Abt.294)
55. Sturmmörserwagen “Sturmtiger” (Pz.Stu.Mr.Btr. 1002)

While there have been some reported instances of issues with individual models these seem to be greatly reduced by the time of the NZ release and the publisher will replace any faulty models that do turn up free of charge… Making these a very good source of scale models for wargamers…

See the website for more info & discussion forums: DeAgostini Combat Tank Collections
And/or subscribe online in New Zealand at: Netlink Distribution

Famo Halftrack & Trailer

If you subscribe online issues 2 & 3 should only cost you $11.95 plus the $3.95 for issue 1 comes to about NZ$16 combined and you get a Tiger I, a Challenger MBT, and an M4A3 Sherman (Issues 1, 2, 3 respectively); plus a bonus Famo Half-Track & Trailer for subscribing (as well as magazine binder & display case, etc)… So for you wargamers out there that’s 4 die-cast models at under NZ$4.00 each for buying the first 3 issues…!

The series is intended to run for 60 issues (i.e. 30 months – but may run longer as it has been suggested demand may result in extra issues/models).

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