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Ancient Germanic Warriors

Ancient Germanic Warriors

Auckland’s City Guard Tournament happens third week of March. It will include a small Ancients tournament – FOG (Field of Glory) at 650 points on 6’x4′ tables with 2 or 3 generals. There will be a reduced amount of terrain due to the small tables and smaller deployment areas. The standard sized measuring sticks used in Auckland for 28mm FOG will be in use. Tournament is planned to be 4 games, with possibly 5 if games are concluded speedily.

There are only 8 slots available for this tournament (due to a table resourcing issue) so it’s vital to sign up ASAP if you are keen. Currently there are 5 confirmed entrants so just 3 remaining openings. Registration is $40 and closes Friday 05 March.

Tournament Details: 20-21 March 2010, Freemans Bay Community Centre (City Guard Club), 52 Hepburn St, Auckland. Contacts: Phil Wu or Nick Irvine.

More Details: Equinox 2010 Forum.

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