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Mahdist Ansars move through an Oasis

Mahdist Ansars move through an Oasis

Mid-1884, The Mahdist Rebellion is reaching it’s peak – Gordon is isolated in Khartoum, and the rebellion steadily spreads north towards the Egyptian frontier. As the main relief expedition to go to Gordon’s aid is finally being formed, news comes that a large number of European, Greek, and Egyptian Civilians, along with a small British Hospital Corps detachment, have been cut off in the town of Dongola; and the local Egyptian Commander has only a small number of Bashi-Bazouk Irregulars and whatever Civilians that can fight to try and defend the town (who’s defences are in a poor state)…

Getting together a scratch force of one company each of the British & Egyptian Camel Corps, and a British Mountain Gun section, along with the local Bashi-Bazouk Irregular Cavalry force and a suitable Camel Train of supplies Commandant Valentine Baker Pasha (of the Egyptian Gendarmerie) heads south to relieve the town and escort the occupants to safety before Mahdist forces completely overrun the region. All goes well until nearing the town, and within sight of the defenders, the relief expedition encounters a major force of Dervishes…

All the terrain & figures are from the collection of John Moher, except the Palm Trees which were supplied by Kieran Mahony.

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