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I’ve finally got my act together and written up the DBMM240 conditions for the 6 December 2009 tournament. Please have a read and get back to me with any (sensible) questions. It should all be straightforward as I’ve simply tried to tabulate the important variations into one document, trying to reconcile any inconsistencies in the process. The major exceptions are Baggage and Terrain.

For Baggage, my proposal is to use the published baggage rules in DBMM v1.0 as we are (sort of) used to them; the only exception being that all Baggage (I), (O) and (F) counts and is costed as IRREGULAR. You can still have a general-less train command, it just can’t be a PIP dump!

For terrain, I had been planning on only setting terrain up for the initial round of games and then leaving this in place and cycling people around the tables. However a number of issues have been raised about fixed terrain and, after several test games, I’m finding games are proceeding fast enough for this not to be a problem. So we will now generate terrain as normal for each game.

So, start sending in your army lists, including which film or television series you are referencing. For the record I will be using Marian Romans and my movie will be the 1985 French animation “Asterix et la surprise de Cesar” which is (in part) derived from the comic of “Asterix the Legionary“, where Asterix and Obelix join Julius Caesar’s legions………

You can download the compiled DBMM240 rules document PDF Download

UPDATE 26 November 2009: Download the Updated DBMM240 Tournament Rules PDF Download. The Tournament will also be using the latest revised version 1.1 Draft of DBMM released by Phil Barker on 24 November 2009 and available at the DBMM Yahoo!Groups Group File Section.

Tournament Organiser: Andrew Bennetts.

  • Any further queries contact Benny through the usual channels (or post on the Yahoo!Groups AWC Group).
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