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With all lists now in and checked it is time for the first round draw to be revealed. The usual ‘nearest historical date’ pairing, but slightly modified to avoid the North Shore boys being paired against each other. Some good reference material, some perhaps not so good and then there’s Cam’s……………………

1. Al Donald (AWC) – Early Hoplite Greeks 479BC (Reference: Movie “300” – what else?!)
2. Andrew Fergus (AWC) – Thracians 200BC (Reference: French TV doco about “Seuthès l’Immortel, les Secrets d’un Roi Thrace” – The Immortal Seuthès; secrets of a Thracian King)

3. Benny (Andrew Bennetts – AWC) – Marian Romans 52BC (Reference: Movie “Asterix & le surprise de Cesar” – French animation based in part on Asterix the Legionary)
4. John Moher (AWC) – Early Germans 175AD (Reference: Movie “Gladiator” – Maximus’s opponents in the opening battle scene)

5. John Calnan (AWC) – Dublin Vikings 842AD (Reference: Movie “Alfred the Great” – climactic final battle scene vs. Vikings) – Richard Foster (Uncle Dickie – AWC) will be standing in for John C in the final round.
6. Andrew Hunter (NSWC) – Later Crusader 1187AD (Reference: Movie “Kingdom of Heaven” – hadn’t picked AH as an Orlando Bloom fan!)

7. Lance Knighton (AWC) – Mongol Conquest 1216AD (Reference: Movie “Genghis Khan” – 1965 classic with Omar Sharif – top pick!)
8. Brett Preston-Thomas (NSWC) – Teutonic Knights 1410AD (Reference: Movie “Knights of the Teutonic Order” – 1962 Polish costume drama)

9. Ivan Truong (AWC) – Free Company 1394AD-ish (Reference: Movie “Flesh & Blood” – set in 1501 but includes an English mercenary named Hawkwood…..)
10. Philip Abela (NSWC) – War Of The Roses 1512AD (Reference: Currently running TV series “The Tudors” – Henry VIII)

11. Rob Sadler (NSWC) – Free Company 1444AD (Reference: Movie “If I Were King” – Oscar winning 1938 movie with Basil Rathbone as King Louis IX of France who, prior to becoming King, led the Armagnacs against the Swiss).
12. Cam Millar (AWC) – Free Company 1977??!! (Reference: TV Series “Three’s Free’s Company” (little known 70’s sitcom about 3 mercenary generals Jan(et), Chris(sy) & Jack and their escapades keeping one step ahead of their notional employers, the Duke & Duchess of Roper! You’ll need to get Cam to explain…!!!)

See you all on Sunday morning, hopefully well before 9am! – Benny (Tournament Organiser)

Eyes & Teeth[Obviously there is some secret ‘Free Company’ society that has discovered some advantage in the Tournament Rules! – Ed. ]

Read more on the Tournament in the Details Of DBMM240 Tournament On 06 December article.

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