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The club is organising this to be run on 06 December. This is, of course, the AGM date so entering is a way to have something to do if you’ve nothing else planned. Doors will open at 8:30 for a 9am start with three 2.5 hour rounds through the day. The first round will finish in time for the AGM formalities.

Full details etc will be published by 15 November hopefully but the basics are pretty straightforward: 240AP on 6’ x 4’ tables using the current v1.1 beta draft of the rules. There is a theme and that is that your army must reference a movie or TV series – you can be an imaginative as you want with this – there will be prizes (courtesy of Ben and Time Magazine, Inc).

So far there are confirmed entries from 9 people and up to 5 others have expressed an interest – anyone else who might be interested is more than welcome – the more the merrier.

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