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A Spartan Rhino

A Spartan Rhino?!

A successful DBMM240 “Armies of the Movies” tournament was played at the AWC on the 6 December 2009. A full report will follow elsewhere, meanwhile here are some photos of the event and some of the armies involved…

Note: No Spartan Rhino’s were harmed in the making of this Photo Gallery!

The tournament saw the following 12 armies compete:

  • Early Hoplite Greeks 479BC (“300“)
  • Thracians 200BC (“Seuthès l’Immortel, les Secrets d’un Roi Thrace” – The Immortal Seuthès; secrets of a Thracian King – French TV documentary)
  • Marian Romans 52BC (“Asterix & le surprise de Cesar“)
  • ‘Quadi’ Early Germans 175AD (“Gladiator“)
  • Dublin Vikings 842AD (“Alfred the Great“)
  • Later Crusader 1187AD (“Kingdom of Heaven“)
  • Mongol Conquest 1216AD (“Genghis Khan” the 1965 classic)
  • Teutonic Knights 1410AD (“Knights of the Teutonic Order” a 1962 Polish costume drama)
  • Free Company 1394AD-ish (“Flesh & Blood“)
  • Free Company 1444AD (“If I Were King“)
  • …and yet another Free Company
  • War Of The Roses Tudor 1512AD (TV series “The Tudors“)
  • and a thirteenth army, Medieval Serbian 1389AD, stood in for the Dublin Vikings for one game!

UPDATE: 08 December 2009 9pm – 3 Additional Photos added to the gallery below.

For more information on the DBMM240 Tournament see the following articles:

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