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REMINDER: This Event is this Sunday (22 November 2009).

FRI 13 NOV UPDATE: The CityGuard Bring & Buy will now run until 7pm on Sunday. Also there are some special Warhammer events being organised for those interested: The 40K folks are organising a special 500pts 40K in 40mins event, the Fantasy folks are organising a special 500pts baby league event, and the Warmachine folk are organising a special 15pt event. There will be a BBQ operating from around 5.30pm with sausages, drinks, etc, for sale… Get along and support the CityGuard if you can!

CityGuard will be hosting our first official Bring and Buy event in November (Sunday 22nd). This is where everyone can come along, bring out all their random miniatures/games/bits and pieces they wont ever need and try and flog them off/swap them/trade them/just show them off.

We will set up some tables just for this, probably down the end of the hall where Karen usually has the snacks! There will be some post it notes and pens, you write little notes on your stuff, like who is the seller, and how much you want for it… and leave your goodies displayed on the table…

Then people come along, look at all the awesome goodies on the tables, ask Karen who such and such is, and she will point you out to them and you sell/swap/trade your stuff… You are all welcome to come and visit. CityGuard meets in the Freeman’s Bay Community Hall, Hepburn Road, just down the road from Ponsonby Road. Meetings from 1pm to 5pm, so anytime in between would be awesome.

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