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KeysThe AWC held its AGM on Sunday 6 December 2009. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer all presented their reports generally outlining a reasonably successful year although the experimental Friday Night meetings earlier in 2009 had not proven cost-effective despite early indications of support. The club generally experienced a downturn in numbers attending & activity over most of the (southern hemisphere) winter, and total outgoings for hall rental slightly exceeded revenue from membership fees. However, ‘the drinks trolley’ and other fund raising initiatives, such as bulk magnetic sheet sales, more than made up for the shortfall.

However the club was generally in a stable state and the spring had brought much increased activity along with new members. Committee Member Ben Hill was thanked for his extra efforts running ‘the drinks trolley’, organising competitions, bring & buy days, and donating prizes for club competitions.  Also thanked were other members (the President, Secretary, & Treasurer, Kieran Mahony, John Moher, & others) who contributed by fund raising initiatives, competition organisation, webmastering, and other activities. In a break from tradition the lunch of ‘Free Pizza’ was dispensed with to save costs.

The President (Ivan Truong), Secretary (Nick Buckby), and Treasurer (Andrew Fergus) were re-elected unopposed; while 2009 Committee Members Ben Hill & Kieran Mahony stepped down from re-election and 2 new committee members (Richard Hornell & John Moher) were elected (also unopposed) for 2010.

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