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Early German CavalryInteresting thread recently [on the Yahoo!Group about attendance at the Club meetings and related areas of interest such as club competitions]. Some interesting points have been raised, and of course a few red herrings (unintentionally I am sure) have been thrown in there too.

Club competitions have two effects usually. They raise interest in a particular theme, but often cause people to stay away for a bit until the “silliness” (in their eyes) is over. Club periods can have the same effect.

Rule sets have been polarising the AWC since at least 1986 when I first joined. Gush/DBR, WRG/Firefly WW2, 6th Edition/7th Edition Ancients, and so on (and on, and on, and on).

Play what you want. Enjoy your game, show up when you have time (and not when you feel you have to) and be an ambassador for your game.

There are no bad rules (well except….. – no – stop it!) – only bad behaviour. If you do not like a particular set of rules please feel free to exhibit your opinion through the method of display. Front up with two armies and the rules (and an opponent) for the set that you Do like.

I have noticed that there may be a few other issues at the club. There appears to be a shortage of [certain types of] tables at the moment. Those unable to arrive before 10.15am perhaps are feeling there is no point.

I have heard much grumbling about the “popular” games [that are] being played when I have visited the club since my return to New Zealand in June. We play with toys for goodness sake. Get a life, applaud that someone is interested in the same period as you are and let them enjoy their game in a guilt free environment.

There has been much said recently – and far too much of it has been negative. We all love what we do, are impressed by the scope and amount of work people are putting into their hobby – let’s not spoil it by commenting loudly about rules we like or don’t. I know why I play the games I do – and in an appropriate environment I will discuss it. This [middle of the club rooms or Yahoo!Group] is not it in my opinion.

Kapital Kudos to those who have organised competitions recently, and good luck to those organising them in the future. If you organise something that I am into I will certainly participate – if not, you can rest assured that I will passively support your endeavour. I hope to receive similar respect when I am organising events and “competitions” also.

I believe that this is an exciting time in our hobby, as the “Old Guard” is changing again – new rules, new periods, new gamers. This happens from time to time, we see the hullaballo and hysterics for a while and then it goes away. This has all happened before and it will all happen again [And watch out for those frackin’ toasters – Ed].

Yes people play online games, have families, and some even have lives. Show gratitude at their presence when they are able to get to the club. Ask them to sit in if you are able, stop your game for long enough to exchange a grunt or two. Welcome new faces – they might like the game you are playing.

With the advent of Summer and the start of the new Campaign Year (starting with the AGM) we have an opportunity to work together to help the club grow and improve. Let us take this opportunity.

Lastly (thank goodness you all say) I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the “old hands” for keeping the AWC running when I was away for the last 11 or so years. It was great to come back to faces both familiar (and ooooolllddd!) and new, to tables well used and worn (as well as some new ones) and some fabulous looking armies. I look forward to taking a more active part in the club in the coming year.

Author: John McLennan (Past AWC Member).

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