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AWC Logo…well this website could interest you! Welcome to the home of the Auckland Wargaming Club, a group of Auckland based gamers from all walks of life who enjoy the hobby of miniatures gaming (or ‘wargaming’ as it’s more often known). The Auckland Wargaming Club is a non-profit organisation with approximately 20-30 members and is is one of about 6 such clubs of varying size in the Auckland region. The Club is run by an elected committee from the members and serves to provide a focal point and premises for hobby activity.

Don’t know about wargaming? Might be interested? Wargaming, by whatever name you choose to call it, has been around for a long long time (see our brief history of wargaming), but only in the last 60 years has the hobby aspect really taken off. This quote from the quintessential wargamer Don Featherstone might give a small insight into one of the aspects that can attract people to it:

“It is doubtful whether wargames will ever give one profound military insight, but the wargamer may gain an understanding of the problems of the commanders in the field and a glimpse of the military thinking of the time by re-fighting each battle in the correct tactical manner, using the formations and weapons of the day.”
Donald Featherstone (Featherstone’s Complete Wargaming, 1988)

Prince William of Orange & General Baron Perponcher-Sedlnitsky, Quatre Bras 1815.

Prince William of Orange & General Baron Perponcher-Sedlnitsky, Quatre Bras 1815.

Who’s Don Featherstone you ask? Well, ‘The Don‘ as he became known in the UK, was one of the most prominent figures of the wargaming community in the UK in the 1950’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s. Along with other similarly minded people (like Charles Grant, Brigadier Peter Young, and Terence Wise, and their equivalents in the USA such as Jack Scruby & Wally Simon), they raised the hobby of wargaming in the public consciousness to a point where in the mid-late 60’s it became a quite popular past time (and it’s significance was recognised by it’s incorporation into the scripts and scenes in numerous TV series, Movies, and such like).

But they weren’t the first, H. G. Wells famously wrote about “Little Wars” at the turn of the 19th Century, and even earlier Robert Louis Stevenson wrote similarly from in his sick bed in the middle of that century. To read a little more on wargaming in general, check out our short articles on a brief history of wargaming (told in quotes from the authors of various wargaming books), wargaming periods, and wargaming scales.

“Above all, it [Wargaming] belies its militant name by encouraging lasting friendships.”
Donald Featherstone (Featherstone’s Complete Wargaming, 1988)

Don Featherstone had had near 40 years of wargaming under his belt when he wrote the words above, and was truly well placed to opine on such things…

What Happens At The AWC

Visitors are especially welcome and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to arrange a game ahead of time for a planned visit on a meeting day, and of course visitors are most welcome to just walk up for a look on the day…

Crusade era Arabs in 15mm

Crusade era Arabs in 15mm

The members at the AWC play a variety of scales and periods (and rule sets), despite being a relatively small club the membership have varied and different interests, and there if you are looking to join there will usually be 1 or more people with similar interests… (although they may sometimes play different rule sets). Some of the main periods of interest are: Ancients & Medieval, Napoleonics, American Civil War (ACW), Colonial, World War II, & Moderns for land based games, Age of Sail and World Wars I & II for naval gaming, and World Wars I & II and Modern for air games. In addition there is interest across various Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres (such as Full Thrust space ship combat and Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish games), and quasi-miniature boardgames (i.e. board games that use miniatures).

“Battle games [Wargames] are really as old as history – boys are known to have had toy soldiers as far back as 4,000 years ago – and have been played in a small way ever since the first boy sat down with a few models to recreate his father’s wars.”
Terence Wise (Introduction to Battle Gaming, 1969)

ANZACs & Turks, Gallipoli 1915

ANZACs & Turks, Gallipoli 1915

Popular figure scales for land based games are 6mm (1/285th & 1/300th), 15mm (1/100th), 20mm (1/72nd & 1/76th), and 28mm (1/56th); 28mm is often referred to as 25mm but very figure figures are now manufactured in true 25mm scale and most figures referred to as 25mm are actually 28mm. Naval games are palyed in 1/4800th, 1/3000th, 1/2400th, 1/1200th, and 1/600th depending on era and fleet type; while air games are usually played in 1/300th, 1/200th, and/or 1/144th scales.

Where & When

The AWC meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month (although sometimes the first Sunday in January is skipped if it is to close to New Year’s Day). Meetings commence around 10am and run until 4pm (or up to as late as 6pm depending on activity). Meetings are held at the Pollard Park Scout Hall in Balmoral – which is accessed from Waitomo Avenue, located just a few hundred metres from Dominion Road in Mount Eden. The park is about 5km from the centre of downtown Auckland (e.g. in a straight line from the Sky Tower).

When you enter the car park from Waitomo Avenue, simply walk through it into the park and immediately turn left, a concrete path will lead you to the scout hall where the Auckland Wargaming Club meets…

“The amateur model soldier maker is almost invariably a perfectionist, and goes to endless trouble in order to ensure that his small figures are correctly equipped and painted. He carries out patient research into old books and prints; haunts museums, libraries, and second-hand book shops seeking authentic illustrations of the particular soldier he is making at the time.”
Donald Featherstone (War Games, 1962)

We hope you enjoy our website and find something of interest – and if you are in Auckland please come down to the club and meet us…

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